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Charles Waggoner
  • Branch: U.S. Air Force
  • Rank: Master SGT
  • Home Town: Pleasant Hill, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Phillippines, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand
  • Wartime Service Dates: April 1967 - July 1974
  • Unit: 405th Fighter Wing & 20836rd Communications Squadren, Takhli, Thailand AFB
  • Accomplishments: Radar Specialist on aircraft with sea support and all others. Served in USAF for 20 years.
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John Wagner JR
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Cpl
  • Home Town: LaHarpe, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Korea
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1953-1954
  • Major Battles: Korean Conflict
  • Unit: Mtr. Tar Co, 15th Inf Regt
  • Medals: Korean Service Medal w/Bronze Service Star, National Defense Combat Infantry Badge
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Ricky Waisner
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: E-4
  • Home Town: Carthage, Mo
  • Wartime Locations: Germany
  • Wartime Service Dates: May 1971-May 1974
  • Unit: 66 Hem Heavy Equiptment and Wheel and Track
  • Accomplishments: Expert M16 Marksman
  • Medals: Hangermade Service Sefence Medal
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Christopher Walker
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: SPC
  • Home Town: Galena Kansas
  • Wartime Locations: Baghdad Iraq
  • Wartime Service Dates: December 2008 to present
  • Major Battles: War in Iraq
  • Unit: 10th CSH unit out of Fort Carson Colorado
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Corb Walker
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Home Town: Oswego, KS
  • Wartime Service Dates: October 1917 - June 1919
  • Unit: Marksman Army
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Jim Walker
  • Branch: U.S. Marines
  • Rank: Master Sergeant - E8
  • Home Town: Neosho, MO
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1959-1979
  • Accomplishments: Marine Corp Liaison for the Army in Rock Islans, 2 tours in Vietnam
  • Medals: Navy Accomodation medal
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Maurice Walker
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: PFC
  • Home Town: Oswego, KS
  • Wartime Locations: All over Europe
  • Wartime Service Dates: October 1943 - January 1946
  • Major Battles: Normandy, Holand, Bastone, Central Europe
  • Unit: 377th Parachute Field Artillary
  • Medals: 4 Battle Scares, and Several Awards: Victory Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, 4 Bronze Service Stars. Bronze Arrowhead
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Roderick Walker
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Home Town: Altamont, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Italy, Germany, Korea
  • Wartime Service Dates: WWII
  • Major Battles: many
  • Unit: 91st Infantry and others
  • Medals: Good Conduct, sharpshooter, and others
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Terry Walker
  • Branch: U.S. Navy
  • Rank: 2nd Class Petty Officer
  • Home Town: Valeda, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Vietnam
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1965-1972
  • Unit: DLG 20
  • Medals: 2 Good Conducts, 3 Vietnam Service Medals with 3 campaign service stars, Korean Service Medal, National Defense with a Gold star
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Tom Walker
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Home Town: Oswego, KS
  • Major Battles: WWII
  • Unit: 1st Infantry Div. in Germany
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William Walker
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Home Town: Oswego, KS
  • Major Battles: WWII
  • Unit: Fort Mead
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Ned Wall
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: 1rst LT
  • Home Town: Parsons, Kansas
  • Wartime Service Dates: June 22, 1941 - Sept 17, 1943
  • Major Battles: Africa, Invasion of Sicily, Salerno, Italy
  • Unit: 82nd Airborne
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Cecil Wallace
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: SFC
  • Home Town: Pittsburg, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Vietnam
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1965-1966
  • Unit: Ordnance Supply
  • Medals: Good conduct, Vietnam SVC Medal (3 Bronze SVC Stars) Vietnam Campaign Medal, Army Commendation Medal, National Defense SVC Medal, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry w/ Palm, Meritorious SVC Medal
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Heath Wallace
  • Branch: US Marines
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Home Town: Neodesha, Kansas
  • Wartime Service Dates: Served during Gulf War August 1990 - February 1991
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Randy Wallace
  • Branch: U.S. Marines
  • Rank: Lance Corporal
  • Home Town: Pittsburg, KS
  • Wartime Service Dates: March 2003 - October 2003, March 2005 - October 2005
  • Unit: 24th Marines Tow Platoon
  • Medals: National Defense, Iraqi Liberation, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserved Medal, Selected Marine Corps Reserve, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon
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James Wallen
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Private Tech 5
  • Home Town: Born & raised in Fort Scott.KS-lived & worked his adult life in Pittsburg, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Rome, South France, Rhineland, Central Europe
  • Wartime Service Dates: July 1942 thru November 1945
  • Unit: 89th Ordinance Heavy Mantenance Company in the Europe Theatre
  • Accomplishments: See medals below
  • Medals: Good Conduct Medal, Bronze Star
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Derek Walrod
  • Branch: U.S. Navy
  • Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
  • Home Town: Washburn, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Guam
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1991
  • Major Battles: Desert Storm
  • Unit: Weapons Dept.
  • Medals: Meritorious Unit Commendation, National Defense, Overseas Service (three times), Expert Rifle (three times), Expert Pistol (three times)
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Edgar Walters
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: PFC
  • Home Town: Parsons, KS
  • Wartime Locations: France, Rineland, Germany
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1943-1946
  • Major Battles: European Campaign
  • Medals: Victory Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, European Theater Ribbon with 3 Bronze Stars, & Victory Ribbon
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Paul Walters
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: PFC
  • Home Town: Parsons, KS
  • Wartime Locations: European Theater
  • Wartime Service Dates: April 1943-August 1944
  • Major Battles: Normandy, France--killed in action
  • Unit: Infantry, Rainbow Division
  • Medals: Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Expert Rifleman and some battle ribbons.
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Robert Walthall
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Staff Sargent
  • Home Town: Scranton, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan
  • Wartime Service Dates: June 10, 2001Aug 15, 2010
  • Major Battles: Iraq War
  • Unit: 2nd -383rd TSBN
  • Accomplishments: IED master gunner,
  • Medals: war on terrorism, national defence nato medal(Basnia,Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan), armed force medal, (2)armed forced, expeditionary medal,(4) army achievement, (2)army commendation, Army service Ribbon, NCO Professional Development ribbon, ect.
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Kenneth Walton
  • Branch: U.S. Air Force
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Home Town: Neodesha, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Recivik, Iceland
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1942-1945
  • Major Battles: WWII
  • Unit: Squadron A555AAFBU
  • Accomplishments: Airplane mechanic trained in all wartime airplanes at Embry Riddle, Florida.
  • Medals: Good conduct, European Theatre of Operations, American Victory Medal
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Daniel Ward
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Major
  • Home Town: Joplin, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Germany
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1990-1991, 2003-Present
  • Major Battles: Operation Iraqui Freedom
  • Unit: HHB/6th ADA Brigade, A/3-6 Air Defense Battalion.
  • Medals: 2 Bronze Stars
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Rick Warden
  • Branch: U.S. Navy
  • Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class
  • Home Town: Carthage, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Vietnam & Korea
  • Wartime Service Dates: May 1967-Feb 1971
  • Major Battles: Hanoi, Mekong Delta in Vietnam and The Pueblo Crisis in Korea
  • Unit: SE Asia Destroyer Squadron 23
  • Accomplishments: Also served in Guam, Japan and Taiwon
  • Medals: Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Combat Action Medal, Armed Forces Medal, Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Medal and Good Conduct Medal
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Carl Warford
  • Branch: U.S. Navy
  • Rank: Gunners Mate Second Class
  • Home Town: Erie, KS
  • Major Battles: USS Helena CAT5
  • Medals: National Defense, Good Conduct Medal, Korean & United Nations Service Awards
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