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Steven Labadie
  • Branch: U.S. Marines
  • Rank: Cpl.
  • Home Town: Tulsa
  • Wartime Locations: Vietnam
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1968-1969
  • Major Battles: Con Thien/ Khe Sanh
  • Unit: 1st Bn.-9th Marines
  • Accomplishments: Battle of Khe Sanh
  • Medals: Bronze Star w/ "V' device / purple heart w/ 1 goldstar. Vietnam Service w/ 1 service star
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Joe Lackey
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Medical Tech 4
  • Home Town: Edna, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Normandy, Northern France
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1943-1946
  • Major Battles: D-Day
  • Unit: 13th Hospital Train
  • Medals: WWII Victory Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, EAME Theatre Ribbon, 2 Bronze Service Stars
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Leonard Lake
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: PFC
  • Home Town: Pittsburg, Ks
  • Wartime Locations: Ethopia
  • Wartime Service Dates: Feb 1953 to Feb 1955
  • Unit: 7th Division Armored32nd Infantry
  • Accomplishments: field Wireman, Ran switchboard and ran telephone wires.
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Gary LaMaster
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Pvt. 1st Class
  • Home Town: Granby, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Korea
  • Wartime Service Dates: April 1954 to March 1956
  • Unit: 388th Engr. Co. Pipeline
  • Medals: National Service Medal
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Shawn Lambert
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: E4 Specialist
  • Home Town: Neodesha, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Iraq
  • Major Battles: Operation Desert Storm
  • Unit: D Company, 317th Eng. Bn. in Eschborn Germany
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Max Lambeth
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: SSGT
  • Home Town: Sarcoxie, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Pacific Theatre
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1944-1946
  • Major Battles: Leyte-Southern Philippines
  • Unit: 164th Infantry Regiment, Americal Division
  • Medals: MM Rifle Award (lapel pin), Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Theatre Ribbion with bronze battle star, 2 overseas service bars, Good Conduct Medal, Meritorious Unit Award
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William Lamb, Sr.
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Pvt. 1st Class Heavy Machine Gunner
  • Home Town: Galena, Ks
  • Wartime Locations: Aleutian Islands
  • Wartime Service Dates: Oct. 1,1941 - Nov 7,1945
  • Unit: 65th Anti-aircraft Artillery Gun Battallion
  • Medals: Good Conduct Medal & American Defense Service Ribbon
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Neil Lamont
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: E-6 P
  • Home Town: Oronogo, MO
  • Wartime Service Dates: Hungary 1996-1997
  • Unit: US Army Recruiting Station Joplin MO
  • Accomplishments: Has served his country for the last 12 years. Ten of those 12, he served overseas in Germany.
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Claude Lancaster
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Sergeant 1st Class
  • Home Town: Southwest City, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Algerin, N.T.S. Africa, French Morocco, Tunisian, Naples, Rome, Arno, P.O. Valley
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1941-1945 WWII, 1950-1952 Korean War
  • Major Battles: WWII - Korean
  • Unit: 1st Armored Division, 13th Tank Battalion, Korea - 7th Armored Division
  • Medals: 6 Bronze Medals, Conduct Medal, Good Conduct, Korean Service, Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Sharp Shooter
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Harlan Lancaster Sr.
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Home Town: Diamond Missouri
  • Wartime Locations: Korea and Vietnam
  • Wartime Service Dates: unknown
  • Accomplishments: after 20 years trucking in the Army. he trucked another 20 years before he retired!
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Roy Landreth
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Seargent
  • Home Town: Stark City, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Frontlines Korea
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1952 to 1953
  • Unit: Company F 5422 ASU Fort Riley KS
  • Medals: KSM w 2BSS, UN Svc Med, CIB, 1 o/s Bar
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Benjamin Landrum
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Sergent
  • Home Town: Langley, Mayes County Okla.
  • Wartime Locations: Australia New Guinea Philippines Japan Korea
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1941-1945
  • Major Battles: Papua New Guinea Go 58 WD45 Bismark Archipelago East Indies
  • Unit: 444 Th AAF Base Unit
  • Accomplishments: RoseMary Mahaney from Okla City
  • Medals: American Defense Service Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Distinguished Unit Badge Go 31 Hq Usa FFE 43 AP Service Ribbon and Four Bronze Service Stars
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Bob Lane
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: E4
  • Home Town: Joplin, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Vietnam
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1966-1967
  • Major Battles: numerous
  • Unit: Army Ranger Long Range Recon. Special Operations Team
  • Accomplishments: Team Leader/Advisor
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Harlin Lane
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: PFC
  • Home Town: Carthage, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Iwo Jima, Hawaii
  • Wartime Service Dates: Sept 2, 1942 - Dec 28, 1945
  • Unit: Signal Corps
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Erv Langan
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: MAJ
  • Home Town: Atchison
  • Wartime Locations: Germany, Ft. Sheridan, IL
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1971-1973, 1991-1992
  • Medals: Good Conduct Medal, Meritorious Service Medal
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Jacob Langerot (lang-er-ot)
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: SSgt
  • Home Town: Skidmore, KS
  • Wartime Locations: North Africa, Italy, France, Austria & Germany
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1942-1945
  • Major Battles: Invasion of Italy, Battle for Rome, Invasion of Southern France
  • Unit: 36th Texas Division
  • Medals: Purple Heart, European African, Middle Eastern Campaign, Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, Army of Occupation Medal, & WW II Victory Medal
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Thomas Langley
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Sgt.
  • Home Town: West Mineral, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Vietnam
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1969-1970
  • Major Battles: Quin Lua at the Cambodian Border I Corps
  • Unit: 7th Air Cav
  • Medals: Purple Heart, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Sharp Shooter Medal, Helicopter Flight Medal while on Enemby Contact, & Bronze Star
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Bruce Langston
  • Branch: U.S. Navy
  • Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class
  • Home Town: Carl Junction, MO
  • Wartime Locations: Vietnam
  • Wartime Service Dates: exact date unknown
  • Accomplishments: was on the USS Kitty Hawk when it was commissioned (around 1961)
  • Medals: Vietnam Service Ribbon with 2 Stars, 4 Good Conduct Medals, National Defense Service Medal
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Bobby Lansdown
  • Branch: U.S. Marines
  • Rank: E5-Sgt
  • Home Town: Monett, MO 65708
  • Wartime Locations: Vietnam
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1967-1970
  • Major Battles: Vietnam
  • Unit: Special Communications
  • Medals: National Defense Service MedalVietnam Service Medal w/Bronze StarRepublic of Vietnam Campaign Medal w/1960Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit CitationGood Conduct MedalCombat Action RibbonAir Medal (1st Strike/Flight)
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Jimmy Lansdown
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: T5
  • Home Town:
  • Wartime Locations: Italy and Germany
  • Wartime Service Dates: WWII
  • Major Battles: Battle of the Bulge
  • Medals: Awarded numerous medals
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Amber LaPointe
  • Branch: U.S. Air Force
  • Rank: Senior Airman
  • Home Town: Parsons, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Iraq
  • Wartime Service Dates: 9/2008-11/2008
  • Major Battles: Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Unit: 138th Fighter Wing
  • Accomplishments: Airman of the Quarter--138th fighter wing 2nd qtr 2008 & Airman of the Year for 138th fighter wing for 2008
  • Medals: Global War on Terrorism Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraqi Campaign Medal, Airforce Expeditionary Service Ribbon with Gold Border.
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Micheal LaPointe
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: E-4
  • Home Town: Commerce
  • Wartime Locations: Iraq
  • Wartime Service Dates: 10-4-07 to presant
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Zebulon LaPorte
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Sgt
  • Home Town: Winfield
  • Wartime Locations: Three tours in Iraq
  • Wartime Service Dates: 2006-2013
  • Major Battles: Northern Iraq
  • Unit: 25th ID(L)
  • Accomplishments: Patrol Duty
  • Medals: National Defense War on Terrorism Iraqi Campaign Medal War on Terror Expeditionary Medal Army Service RibbonArmy Commendation Medal
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David Larsen
  • Branch: U.S. Navy
  • Rank: Gunners Mate
  • Home Town: Parsons, KS
  • Wartime Locations: Vietnam
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1966-1972
  • Major Battles: USS Ranger CV#61, USS Oriskany CV#43
  • Unit: River Div 593, Brown Water Div 1968-69
  • Accomplishments: Given the Navy Cross, the highest honor given by the navy, only 123 recipiants in Vietnam war
  • Medals: Purple Heart, Bronze Star
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