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Specialists 5 Steve Hale of U.S. Army


Phone Number: 620.231.0400

Steve Hale
  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Specialists 5
  • Home Town: Columbus, KS
  • Wartime Service Dates: 1971-1973
  • Wartime Locations: Europe, Germany, Saigon, Vietnam
  • Major Battles: 1972 Terroist Attack on the U.S. Olympics in Munich, Germany, Evacuation of Saigon, & Vietnam
  • Unit: U.S.A.R. 7th Army Europe
  • Accomplishments: Received the Certificate of Merit for Going Above & Beyond the Call of Duty from President Nixon
  • Medals: Expert in Physical Training, Expert in Hand to Hand, Expert in Rifle Marksmanship

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